Finding Compassion  October 8, 2012 - October 22, 2012

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Spiritual - compassion
Mystic - I, Stealer of Thorns


This contest is for members of The Spiritual Woman Group. If you would like to enter the contest, please join the group. If you would like to be considered in the contest, please stay on topic.

The world's great spiritual traditions have, at their heart, a call for walking through our world with compassion, cultivating compassion, and teaching compassion. Yet we seldom see compassion in real practice. The word itself, one of the most important words ever coined for human survival, has become highly politicized in the US; a target for scorn by a small minority who claim we cannot afford compassion.

For this contest, I am looking for works that talk about compassion. True tales of soul-searching, eye-opening accounts, things that make the reader uncomfortable. Or maybe a compassionate act, fact or fiction. Maybe you are one of the ones who feel we cannot afford to have it. This is a topic that all women, young and old, can relate to; either from the giving or receiving side. You probably already have something in your files that fits the theme. So let's hear it!

I will ask the winner to post her poem to the site, and I will feature the winner and her poem for one month. Welcome back to monthly featured artists.


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Marie Anzalone
Marie Anzalone
Xela, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


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