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As writers, we continue on with thoughts that causes us to dive into our lithe imaginations or our foulest depths of the mind. With this in mind, i come at you with a challenge. I will give you a three thoughts and you will chose one. You will write a poem that beings with the thought. Your interpretation of the thought will be all up to you. Show me your dreams, your demons, your nightmares and fantasies.

A. She stirs from a slumber, her head pounding and her stomach in knots. "Wh-where am I?"

B.The heavy breathing is all he can hear. Sweat and the slight smell of berries thicken around him like a noose.

C.She screams from the table. The cuts are still oozing with a mixture of pus, blood, and water.

Show me what you can do. Please Title your poem "A.", "B.", or "C." respectively. If they are not correctly titled, they will be eliminated.


The knowlegde that you are awesome (First and second place spots for each section)


A. Wow- I had no idea it would end up there A. Wow- I had no idea it would end up there
A. Cool - Interesting concept A. Cool - Interesting concept
B.Wow - That's hot B.Wow - That's hot
B. Cool - I like what you did there B. Cool - I like what you did there


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