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I wrote the beginning of a chapter and I would like to see what others may come up with to finish it out. Just a fun little writing challenge really.
Here is what I have:
I can't see straight. Warm thick red blood covers my eyes. I keep wiping but it flows quicker than my hands. I hear voices, distant but clear. I give up on my sight and start to rely solely on my hearing, which has always been top notch.
I focus only on those voices. Two are familiar deep male voices, although I can't quite place them. The other , a squeaky female voice, the kind that pierces your ears.
A rustling of leaves causes my head to whip around so sharply that I feel fresh blood splatter across my arms. It's coming from the right of where I hide. Crouched and blinded, I decide my best option is to breathe shallow, soundlessly, and wait. Listen.
Soft, calculated foot falls approach. My heart thunders in my ears, my eyes, my chest.
........the rest is up to you!


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