Finish the Story, part ONE  May 20, 2014 - June 7, 2014

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I'm going to write a short something here, and the whole point of this contest is to write something that continues the story. Endings with cliffhangers or twists are probably the best candidates for selection. Make it interesting and awesome! This will hopefully become a multi-part series, so don't kill off anybody or drastically alter the universe just yet!

Goals to be met:
Creative first and last names
One or two interactive environmental items
One or two new characters

Here is the first part of the story that you must continue!

Title: To Be Determined
I firmly believe that environment can drastically change or motivate change in a person. For instance, sitting at my desk, gazing out my window into the trees provides a solemn comfort for my uneasy suspicions about my estranged wife. The humidity encourages my beer to sweat beads onto the desk, much like the rain does to the trees on the outside.

In the same space, with a different beer and a nagging wife, things appear differently. The forest outside is just a backdrop for a horrid scene, and the beads hitting the desk are another thing to be screamed at about. Sometimes I cry in the middle of our arguments, and this usually ends the whole fiasco. Afterwards we try and engage in romance, but that always ends how it began, with the rekindling of an obscure issue that sparks a fire of blazing hate, rather than hot flaming passion. I blame the difference in beer.

I'm quite happy now, actually. My garden is soaking up some good rainfall, my lawn looks fantastic, and I just made two grand on a round of golf with the guys. My mood is never stable though, and it can be changed or altered, or motivated to be changed or altered by almost anything in my environment. I'm serious, some of the stuff that happens is wild.

As I brought my beer down to it's last sip, my cell phone rang and I answered it...



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