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Okaay, so its a writing competition, obviousley, and i m in the mood for a short story. Though, theres a catch- you must finish what i start. Have fun, good luck and here it goes-

"HILARY", abigail wailed as her best friend fell furthur down the rocky cliff,"Hilary hold on!". Oh, how abigails forehead was swaeting and the nerves were building up inside of her. Her best friend was on the verge of death and this was all her fault. Abigail hears a screa, she's to afraid to see what's happened to Hilary. She takes a peak over the edge and...

-now, you must finish the story. It must have a great climax and you must somehow tell how they got into this situation. Will hilary die, will she live? what did abigail see? is there a hero?- you decide what happens to the characters and how the story ends. Oh and one last thing points will be deducted if the story drags on and on and begins to get so boring!!


$00.00, look... i dont have money to give you but the prize should be that you accomplished something and won it!


the best! the best!
writing genius! writing genius!
great effort! great effort!


SYD!!, you dont need to know!!, Australia


Created Jun 5, 2010

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