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Five Minute Fiction  October 1, 2008 - December 1, 2008

Contest Completed


The Flasher King - GIRL ON A SWING
Flash Gordon - [writing deleted]
Flash in the Pan - Five minute innocence


Can you write a quality piece of spontaneous flash fiction in just five minutes, without having given any thought to plot, character, setting and so forth?

On-the-spot creativity is the hallmark of a writer with talent so try not to cheat, as you'll only be cheating yourself...or some such cliche.

You now have five minutes.


$ additional five minutes for your follow-up


JP thinks the WC is aptly named
JP thinks the WC is aptly named
A place submerged in alcohol, where one must breathe through straws, United Kingdom


6 Contestants
9 Submissions
Created Oct 1, 2008