For Crying Out Loud!  October 5, 2007 - October 20, 2007

Contest Completed


1ST PLACE - Wow, who needs a shrink with you around? - Color Vision Deficiency
2ND PLACE - You know what you feel & express it well! - I Wonder ...
3RD PLACE - Great job! You're one step closer... - [writing deleted]
4TH PLACE - Maybe you should tell them how you feel! - [writing deleted]
5TH PLACE - Bet you feel better for getting it out! - [writing deleted]


Sometimes you want to say something to the one you love, but you just don't know how. You have it all thought out in your head, but you just can't get the words to come out of your mouth (at least not while they're in ear shot). Tell me what it is you want to say. Whether it be "I love you" because they don't know, or "I want to leave you", or anything else. If you're angry with them, frustrated, disappointed, lonely because they left...whatever it is, write it down. I want to read it. Please don't go overboard on the length as I want to be sure I can read all entries thoroughly and in a timely manner. I will decide the winners once the time for submissions has passed. Happy writing!


Getting to tell SOMEONE


Thea M. Joy
Thea M. Joy
Baytown, TX


Created Oct 5, 2007