For the Dark Hearted  June 11, 2011 - June 18, 2011

Contest Completed


Phantasmagorical - Reincarnation.
Best Horror - Dead again (From the poison within...)
Best Romance - Over the Rainbow


The following will increase your chances of placing:
-Structured lines and verses
-Rhyming! I'm not one for free verse. Impress me with it having a certain ebb and flow.
-At *least* 3 stanzas
-If you're going for the ***Best Horror*** it must have horror in it. Simple as that. I don't consider vampires horror, because most of the teenage writers out there will make them sparkly or take away their major features. Come on, you can't take away a vampire's bloodlust. That's like de-clawing a cat..which is cruel. So if you just so feel the need to write about vampires make em' powerful and bloodthirsty please, in the way they were meant to be! Also, censor yourself please..No horribly mature language. If you can find no other way to express your anger or insanity except through vulgarity this is NOT the contest for you.. Also no rape. Place that in an Erotica contest please.
-If you're going for the ***Best Romance*** nothing mature please..Once again, go to an Erotica contest for that. Use pure imagery, and try to make sounds with your words. If you don't know what I'm referring to, read up on "The Raven" -Edgar Allen Poe. You can almost see and hear the rustling of the curtains with his words.
-Decent Grammar and spelling.
I can understand some typos..but if you're concerned about a word and it's spelling..Google is your friend? If you have an internet connection you should be able to look it up.
This award will be given to the writer that can incorporate the strongest amount of both the Horror and Romance genre into one poem.


Bragging rights, and I'll review the winning poems.


West Monroe, LA


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