For the love of poetry  December 2, 2013 - December 10, 2013

Contest Completed


winner- the bard - It's my barstool and I'll rock on it anyway I choose
runner up- the poet - Ode to a meadowlark
second runner up- the rhymester - Once a Sailor (Poem)
potential fighter 1 - Last Vacancy
potential fighter 2 - The Crow and the Dove
potential fighter 3 - The Game Of Life
Well done - Rose
deserves a mention - [writing deleted]
deserves a mention - About you
deserves a mention - SOUVENIRS


This contest is open for all those who love to write soulful poetry and love to experiment with different styles. Submit a poem that you feel is the best you've got and may the best one win!



28 Contestants
28 Submissions
Created Dec 2, 2013

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