Forever In a Day...  December 3, 2008 - December 9, 2008

Contest Completed


Most Romantic I have ever read! - Tears From Heaven
Romantic at it - Romantic Dreams
Hot Romance! - I lay still
Together, Aww... - I am sky...
Cookin - Sunday Cherry Cake
Eh, It - [writing deleted]
Wow.. Icey - Switched Off
Antartica! - [writing deleted]
Um, Kinda weird - Trance
Next Ice Age! - The Ghost


Give me your best Romance Books, Romance Stories, and Others that you think are good, and I will decide who gets a pretty precious medal! YAY!!


A medal..


With Each Raindrop Comes A Story
With Each Raindrop Comes A Story
Each Raindrop Has A Story....


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Created Dec 3, 2008

Freelance copyeditor
Freelance copyeditor
Fiction editing - indies & publishers. Services: developmental, copy & line editing, critique. All genres.
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