Forever Nocturne E-zine - Volume I Issue II  April 9, 2008 - August 15, 2008

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Top Quality - Beware
Top Quality - [writing deleted]
Top Quality - [writing deleted]


Forever Nocturne e-zine is seeking quality writing for its mid-October 2008 issue. Sharpen up your keyboards and crank out those fright-night stories!

Poems, short stories, articles, and novel chapters are welcome--supernatural, horror, dark fiction are preferred given the time of year during which this issue will premiere.

Please CAREFULLY PROOFREAD AND SPELLCHECK YOUR WORK! While we can do light editing, we don't have time for a full in-depth edit. GRAMMAR DOES MATTER!

Top three quality works get the accolades (medals), but more works may be chosen to appear in the 'zine.


Exposure of your writing to the internet world


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Created Apr 9, 2008