Formatting Fun  June 8, 2008 - October 1, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place - [writing deleted]
Second Place - Bi-Polar
Third Place - [writing deleted]
Fourth Place - [writing deleted]
Fifth Place - & You Don\'t Know
Sixth Place - What it\'s Like to Be Human
Seventh Place - One Drop
Eighth Place - New Life (Form poetry)
Ninth Place - It Couldn\'t Be Forever
Tenth Place - The Goblet


Sometimes the way a poem is set up adds as much to the meaning as the actual words. Give me your best poetry that has brilliant formatting - whether it's random indentions, an acrostic, or a poem in the shape of a rabbit, I want to see who can show and not just tell.


That amazing feeling you get when you know you are amazing.


Dressed in Poetry
Dressed in Poetry
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