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Freaky Superstition Poems FRIDAY THE 13!  April 6, 2007 - April 13, 2007

Contest Completed


April 2007 Friday the 13 Freaky Superstition Poetry First Place Winner - [writing deleted]
April 2007 Friday the 13 Freaky Superstition Poetry Third Place Winner - [writing deleted]


Well guys, Friday the 13 is just a week away! What do you say we have some crazy superstition poems? it dosnt just have to be about one, and you can form a story around it as well. Be creative! I know you guys can be!

Why are there 4 awards? Because in chinese culture, the number Four is considered unlucky. This is so because it sounds similar to their pronounciation of "death" scared yet? Dont enter then =) just have a good Friday the 13 and dont step on any cracks...


Honor of best superstition poem and a fancy metal!


Paul V
Paul V


Created Apr 6, 2007