Free Verse Free-For-All (Volume IV)  June 14, 2009 - August 14, 2009

Contest Completed


Fantastic Free Verse - Critical
Brilliant Free Verse - Spillover
Loveable Free Verse - Wanderer...
Decent Free Verse - [writing deleted]
Honorable Free Verse - Dirt and Glitter
Honorable Free Verse - Zepher
Honorable Free Verse - First attempt.
Honorable Free Verse - The lost Poetry of Naomi


As promised, another free verse contest. Write about whatever, just make it free verse.

Rules of the free verse contest:
-NO rhyming.
-NO meter.
-NO sex.
-Keep curse words to a minimum. They're not outlawed, but if you use them they do have to be well placed.

-Write WITH emotion not ABOUT emotion.
-USE SPELLCHECK. For goodness sake!
-Please don't write an epic. Sometimes the most power can be found in the fewest words.
-Please don't use fancy fonts, colors, or spacing. They take away from the essence of the poem, and sometimes overlap each other so they can't be read. If I have to copy/paste your poem into a Word document in order to read it, I'm just not going to bother with it.


Love and Adoration



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