Free Verse Free-For-All 2!  February 27, 2008 - May 26, 2008

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The Golden Majesty of Free Verse - -a keyboard and a harp [harmonize]-
The Silver Knight of Free Verse - [writing deleted]
The Bronze Squire of Free Verse - Night Games
The Jester of Free Verse - Defining the Line
The Assistant Jester of Free Verse - Rotten
An Honorable Free Verser - Contrition
Another Honorable Free Verser - Elusive
Last But Not Least - Three Fat Cats


Alright, so not everyone paid attention to the rules last time. Therefore, I want to make them clear. Please don't take offense to any snappiness or sarcasm.

-Ze Rules-

The Dos:
1. Must be free verse, and ONLY free verse. What does this imply? read the rest of the rules.
2. Be creative! I am in love with words, so the fancier you get the more chances you have at winning.
3. Have fun!

The Don�ts:

1. No rhyming.
2. No sonnets.
3. No haikus *ever.*
4. Basically, if it has a structure of some sort or if it rhymes, you're finished. Although I'm still going to have the 'oops, I forgot not to rhyme!' award for some special person. Write about anything you want, as long as it doesn't rhyme or have structure.
5. Write about anything you want, as long as it's PG-13 or less, and doesn't include:
--Blood. (this means no poems about cutting yourself, or about any sort of self-mutiliation, or any variety of killing another person violently. [:) but
poison is okay.])
--Sex. (I don't want to hear about someone being raped or raping someone. I *absolutely do not want to hear* about your sex life, or anyone's sex life. If the setting of your poem happens to take place in a bed, you'd better write about sleeping or dreaming or being in a coma.)

The Warnings:

1. You are allowed to use swear words. However, they must be well placed. If you use any type of curse word, it had better be in front of some other tremendously intriguing word and not be just an exclamation or random adjective you stuck in.
3. I will also not read poems with these words: (including, but not limited to) u, ur, thanx, thru, ya, luv, yea, or any word that ends with �z� when it should end with �s�. I also don�t read:
--hippie/new age

So� sorry to burst your bubble if my rules are too demanding. My best advice is to still submit what you have. Who knows, I might like it. In fact, I probably will. Remember, have fun, and let your soul loose into the pages.



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