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Contest Completed


Outstanding - Chasing the Sun
Exceeds Expectations - More To Life
Great - Cycles
Very Good - falling is easy
Good - The Stolen Gift and the Sea
Acceptable - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - Memories


Yup. You heard me. No offense to all you hardcore poets out there, but if I read another rhyming poem, I'm going to gag. So do me a favor and send in your nonsense and your freeform; I want the nebulous, murky thoughts of all you little boys and girls.

I don't care if your poetry is ambiguous and obscure, or if it's utterly transparent and straightforward--send it in. I don't care if it's serious or silly, obvious or obtuse--just send it in. I don't care if it's about pain and suffering and suicide and eeeeemo, or if it's about unicorns and happiness and butterflies--just send it in, for heaven's sake.

I don't care if you can spell correctly, or if you don't know graem-mear, or if you've never heard of a semi-colon before.* (See bottom)

I just want to see some poetry that doesn't rhyme, please and thank you.

You have one week to rustle something up, or (more likely) to submit something you've already written. That's more than enough time, and I'd love to see what you've got.

P.S: it's not that your poetry CAN'T RHYME. I've found that a bit of rhyming really helps poems flow, but if I see another ABAB-CDCD-ABAB-etc. rhyming scheme, I'll shoot myself in the head.


*Ahem. He actually does care about grammar and spelling--especially about captitalization. (All or nothing, ladies and gents. Either do it correctly, or screw it.)


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