From the eyes of an animal  August 26, 2009 - September 15, 2009

Contest Completed


1st - They Let You Know
2nd - Kitty\'s prayer
3rd - Bess
4th - Keita


its all in the title really. I want a story or a poem, prefrably a story short or long i dont really mind. About life thru the eyes of animal as if you where the animal, be t a house pet an animal in the wild or an animal like say when you first bring a kitten home whats that like from teh kittens point of view, or anything along those lines a tiger haunting its prey. Alsong asits from teh animals point of view i dont mind


my respect for you as an author, and the feeling of knowing you won


Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper
London, south west, United Kingdom


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