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Fun Little Prompts  December 7, 2015 - January 8, 2016

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First Out Of All - The Client
Second Of The Best - Little Red Riding Hood
Third Is Deserved - [writing deleted]
I Absolutely Loved Your Story - The Girl


Create a short story based off one of the prompts. Be creative with the prompts and create your own meaning behind them! Prompt 01 (A withering rose) doesn't have to be about a rose! Make them about anything relating back to the prompt. Please put the prompt number in your title or somehow show in your writing what prompt you used.

1) A withering rose.

2) The stars shine bright.

3) It was inevitable...

4) The walls have ears.

5) Just who am I?

6) Face your fears.

7) An Ideal World.

8) Just another fairytale.

9) Beyond the door.

10) All's fair in love and war.


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