Funny poetry with a twist  December 30, 2015 - January 7, 2016

Contest Completed


Gold Featured Poet - Alofa Bread
Gold Featured Poet - Intruder?
Top five - Ideas, dreams, unfathomable things!
Top five - Darryl I Am
Tope five - Jam and Maple Cream


Any style or form as long as it is short
(around 200 words give or take.)

X-rated material WILL NOT PLACE. If I receive x-rated material I'll click on the writing page, discover whom you are and block you.
As a producer, my censor zone is "G - PG-13" rated...and in today's world PG13 is pushing it. Just so you know.

Please do not place your name on the writing submission piece; I prefer to judge all works knowing as little about the author as possible to retain as much objectivity as is possible.


Shortshort independant film produced based upon your poem, credits and promo.


Tobias H. Reese
Tobias H. Reese
Mebane, NC


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