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Garden Poetry  November 8, 2010 - November 14, 2010

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Favorite Gardener - [writing deleted]
Inspirational Gardener - Patience
Life in the Garden - Fruition
Flower Gardener - [writing deleted]
Creative Gardener - Garden of Sprites
Spiritual Gardener - Prospects Apples
Death in the Garden - [writing deleted]
Fruits of the Garden - Climbing Trees
Gardening Fruition - Latitude


Poetry about gardens, gardening and gardeners, about growing flowers and food, about enjoying the results of gardening or eating fresh garden fruit and vegetables.

What do you see in the garden? Birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, bees. And how do these creatures effect you and your garden.

Why do so many of us humans feel so much passion about growing things?

Anything about gardening...


I will read and review every submitted poem.


Desert Dreamer
Desert Dreamer
Sonoran Desert, AZ


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Created Nov 8, 2010