Get Featured!  March 4, 2008 - March 14, 2008

Contest Completed


First Prize and Featured Author - Cyrus Jones Lived Forever
Honorable Mention - A Sense of Order
Honorable Mention - Hallies Story


I'm looking for ways to boost our groups growth and produce great writing to be put on the group page. Only Short Story Writer's Coalition members can enter, but if your not in feel free to join at any time (that's the point of this contest).

I want short stories only. They may be of any genre, at any length, but if they're super-small or super-long they may not win, unless the super-long ones are well enough written to carry me through the whole thing. I probably won't be too strict on the length rules so don't shorten your story any.

PLEASE NO EROTICA!!!!! Any other genre will do.

-Criteria writing will be judged on:

1)Writing ability
4)Level of interest
5)Character Development

1)Featured Writer at Short Story Writer's Coalition
2)A first prize medal


Featured Writer in the group Short Story Writer


Ryan D. Mosley
Ryan D. Mosley
Emmalena, KY


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