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Get Your Name Out There!  July 7, 2009 - July 31, 2009

Contest Completed


Feature Winner! - In Siege of Daylight, Book One of Light, Dark & Shadow
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - Where Demons Fear to Fly
Honorable Mention - Manifested Vengeance
Honorable Mention - Untitled till further notice!
Honorable Mention - An owl on the moon: A journal from the edge of darkness
Honorable Mention - Two Sides, One Destiny
Honorable Mention - Zemia Chata
Honorable Mention - A Losing Battle
Honorable Mention - Confessions


Submit your best book and win an award! There are nine lesser awards and one grand award. The writing will be featured in 'Bookwriters and Novelists' and you'll get a nifty little badge!


Feature in 'Bookwriters and Novelists'


Michael N.
Michael N.
Adrian, MI


15 Contestants
15 Submissions
Created Jul 8, 2009