Ghostly Memiors  August 18, 2008 - September 18, 2008

Contest Completed


Most Elegant Ghostly Creation on Testriffic - Vampire\'s Lullaby
Simply Elegant in Ghostly rhetoric - [writing deleted]
Lesser elegance yet classy - [writing deleted]
Casper would find this amusing - The Ghost
Homely little spooker - All Ye Ghosts of Old England
Honorable mention 1 : Ghostly greatness! - Darkness x 8
Honorable Mention 2 : Pathos perfected. - Of Heaven~ and~Hell
Honorable mention 3 : Ghostly Touch - Slaughter by Angels
Good Write 1 : Haunted potential - Sea Ghosts
Good Write 2 : Ghostly debut - Lust and Longing


Can be about Ghosts, Angels or vampires, but not the gory and gruesome aspect that they've garnered. Let's bring the hauntingly noble and elegant ghosts out of our closets and try them out. Can be serious or hilarious. Have at it and good luck!


10 o be decided by myself, and the knowlege that your ghost reigns supreme.



17 Contestants
29 Submissions
Created Aug 18, 2008