Ghostwrite My Story - Joy Division  November 10, 2017 - February 10, 2018

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I want You to write my story. No prizes, this is just for Fun. Title: Joy Division. Setting: a German Nazi SS camp. Main characters are: A German SS Officer and a Captive Hooker. The Premise: An SS Officer and a Hooker fall in love and escape to the Allied Forces. (A Joy Division is the area of the SS camps where soldiers went to have sex with the captives) The story, title, main premise, main two characters and main setting cannot be changed, the two main characters cannot be killed. You Can name the characters and setting anything you want. You can put anything into the body of the story as long as you keep my mandates and premise intact - they must escape at the end. I see the story as a combination of Stephen Spielberg and Mel Brooks but your version may be different. The length and style of the story or any other actions, plots, subplots, characters or settings you want to add is up to you. I'll allow members to pick the Winners of 3 categories, Drama, Science Fiction and Comedy. No 2nd and 3rd awards per category, the best as determined by the members stands. Spin me a yarn, make us laugh, make us cry, make us think. Thank you. DivergentDroid



Created Nov 10, 2017