Give Elk Their Antlers  June 20, 2016 - June 30, 2016

Contest Completed


Winner - Knees
Second Place - Run, and run, and run


Write a book about elk. It can be nonfiction (about how elk are hunted and mistreated wrongly) or fictional (about a fictional elk). It will be published in a collection of poems, stories, and books that will promote the fair treatment of elk everywhere.
We must end poaching, hunting, and unfair mistreatment to elk. We are defending dogs, cats, and other animals. The only animals we haven't been making a good try at protecting are elk. We must protect elk!
Top three has their writing work about elk published! Remember, it can be nonfiction about the mistreatment of elk, or fictional about a fictional elk.


$0.00, Having your writing in a collection, secret code, potion recipe


Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Germantown, MD


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Created Jun 20, 2016