Give Me A Book, A review for a Review  August 20, 2011 - January 1, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


Here is the idea I will review your book if you will review mine.
I AM HONEST, as you should be with me, I know for a fact that my writing is flawed so i expect you to be honest with me.
PLEASE! Do not enter if you are going to get offended by my reviews.
Better chance of winning if books are finished but I will recognize a good idea that is well started.
I feel books are not given a fair chance on this website so here is your chance!
give it your best shot.
Good Luck!!!
(Ps mail me if you want a review on your writng for some reason I cant see who wrote the book)


$0000000000, Notta


Send it to a publisher! Send it to a publisher!
One of the best things That ive read on this site! One of the best things That ive read on this site!
Great Read! Great Read!


Carson City , NV


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