Give Me The Chills  April 2, 2008 - April 22, 2008

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You Gave Me The Chills! - My Side
1st Place - [writing deleted]
2nd Place - Contrition
3rd Place - The Victor Weeps
4th Place - Illimitable Dominion
5th Place - Still Clouded
Honorable Mention - Killer on the Loose (Crimson Desires)
Honorable Mention - I\'m in Love with a Nightmare
Honorable Mention - The Light Cannot Hide The Dark
Honorable Mention - Modern-Day Medea


I have found that any great poem has the power to give me the chills when I know its better than anything I've ever read and I'm wowed by what was written.

So, the rules are pretty simple. Submit up to 3 of your best poetry of any subject and see if you can give me the chills to win a medal in my contest.

I'm looking for - creativness, imagery, deep writes. So do you have what it takes? Lots of luck.




Beautifully Tragic xPoetry Queen
Beautifully Tragic xPoetry Queen
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