Give me poetry or give me...well actually just give me the poetry  December 1, 2012 - December 7, 2012

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I'm not stuck on love! - Bullet Train
Best poem about death, sadness or loss - Don't Leave!
Best poem about something edible - Applesauce and Soft Boiled Eggs
Best random poem - Nargle Jay, The Flin-Flonians
Funniest poem - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Hillbilly Style)
Most thought provoking poem - Robot with Imagination
I can branch out from love! - [writing deleted]
I submitted something about love even though I was told not to and now I'm shunned.... - How Do You Know?
I won this prize because I ticked Becca off and wrote about love even though she said not to - Sonnet 4: Wilt our love be as translucent sky?
Great poem!!! All it needed were some coconuts. - Ghostly Seas


Alright, does anyone else agree that there are way too many poems about love out there? I mean, come on!!! We feel so many emotions, see so many different things each and every day and all we can focus on is LOVE??? BLARHY!!! (There I go, making up funny words again).
Anyway, the point of this contest is not love. I want anything you have BUT love. Hate, sadness, death, pain, happiness, satire, something totally random...whatever. Not love. If you submit anything about love I will mentally kill you and you'll be dead to me. Forever!
So yeah. Pretty easy don't you think?
No, just kidding. It really is easy. I just wanted to scare you a bit :D
So submit something. Or get a friend to submit something. Or maybe your cat would like to submit something. Maybe there's a potato out there, just waiting to fall on your head so you can write the perfect poem and submit it here, to this contest, and win. Or maybe that potato will just knock you out, causing you to miss this contest. Whatever the case, remember to watch out for your friend's cat's potato which really wants to connect with your head.

Note: mature rated writing should not be submitted, as I will be unable to read it thanks to my age and the attempts of the people who made this site to keep my young mind "clean" and "pure". Yeah. Right.
Because of this, any mature rated writing will be automatically disqualified since I can't read it. Sorry. That's life though :D


The knowledge that you can rise above love; not getting mentally killed


Becca Bishop
Becca Bishop
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