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I love reading romance, adventurous, mysterious, heart throbbing, and sad stories. We're always having troubles in our lives. I want you to write a short story. Sometimes when we're angry, sad, or are just having those days we like to let go of our feeling and write them down on paper, either making it it into an emotional, sad, or happy story. I want this story to grab my attention from the moment I read it, and I want it to make me cry, laugh, to make me want to read on, to make me think about it for a day, to make me want to wonder what will happens next, to make my heart throb, and to make me feel that I'm in the story myself. I want it to be exciting, adventurous, especially romantic, some drama, sad, and to have some horror in it too ( making me not able to sleep at night, because I usually read at night before I sleep, so I want it to make me read it in the morning or afternoon, from how scary it is). I want it to be a short story, so ranging from 2000 to 3000 words. So I think that's about 8-12 pages. I'm giving this until Thursday April 15.So that's about a month or more. It's enough time to write the story>>>I HOPE!
For the genres, I can only choose three maximum, so please follow what I wrote above for most of the genres I'm looking for.


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