Give the Actor a new name  August 29, 2007 - September 5, 2007

Contest Completed


NAME THE ACTOR - [writing deleted]


Okay as some of you know I also act and am now in need of a stage name as I have a project coming up and don't want everyone knowing my last name. So I was thinking of using my first name and middle one but I want to see if there are any other creative ideas out there. If I use my first and middle name it will be Nycholle Rachelle. So come out with some creative names write why you chose it though a essay, story, or poem. If I use the name you give me it will be in the credits of this project and I will acknowledge your efforts and promote your work. To learn more about me read my profile


$0000000000000, The choosen name will be in the credits and your work will be promoted by me



Created Aug 29, 2007