Go for the Longrun  March 16, 2009 - April 28, 2009

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Best of Show - Death\'s Holiday
First place - Holding On
Honorable mention - [writing deleted]


Make a Narritive story, and try to be the one with the longest one there. Being long is not the only asspect being considered. It has to be well written, and it has to be interesting. If you repeat yourself to make more words, or if you us a lot of little words to make it seem longer, then you will probably not win. You have to make it long, but the reader should not get bored by reading the same thing. Remember, long pharagraghs are hard to read. Short ones make a story seem more fast pace.

ALSO! I did not think to write this in the rules, and one person has already entered a piece, and his will be allowed to stay in, but for all the rest, i do not want to have to read through a story that is basically discribing some one's sexual feelings, or anything in that area. I will be selecting the story on many things, and if i have to sit here and read a bunch of that, then I garentee that that will not be one on my top list.

~Thankyou =)


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