God is Bipolar!  February 9, 2008 - June 11, 2008

Contest Completed


Best Blasphemous Poet - EXHAUSTED
Best Freethinking Poet - Blasphemy
Most Philisophical Poet - Walk In Light.
Most Logical Poet - There Was Never A Father
Best Hell-Raising Poet - Paradise
Most Spiritual Poet - Slaughter by Angels
Most Controversial Poet - A \\\"Weak\\\" of Worship
Most Intelligent Poet - MATTHEW 25:45
Most Funniest Poet - Jesus in a Bathroom
Most Courageous Poet - Love Poem to Eris
Most Outrageous Poet - Stitches
Most Curious Poet - Body of Christ
Best Religious Poet - Unknown Jesus
Best Nihilist Poet - System


This is a contest where you can praise or criticize religion in poetry form. Don't get me wrong: I am a happy Catholic and am in love with my dark and ridiculously contradicting faith, but I love reading the opinions of you writers.

It can be about any religion, faith, belief, or religion as a whole. Try your best to stay away from politics... that's probably the challenge, here. ^^

Good luck, all! Let your curiosities run wild and the "blashpemous" hell break loose!


Badges: Knowing you are one the best freethinkers ever!


Blade & Blood (The Black Plague)
Blade & Blood (The Black Plague)
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