Gore and Grime 101  June 21, 2007 - July 21, 2007

Contest Completed


YOU ARE ALL THAT IS GORE IN THIS WORLD!- 1ST PLACE!!! (Prose Category) - [writing deleted]
Gore Graduate- is that my blood???- 2ND PLACE! (Prose Category) - My Dead Girlfriend
Gore Youngblood- 3RD PLACE!!! (Prose Category) - Sibling Rivalry -v2.0-
FINGER LICKING GOOD!!! 1ST PLACE!!! (Poetry Category) - [writing deleted]
Gore Graduate- future gorelogist! 2ND PLACE! (Poetry Category) - [writing deleted]
Gore Young Blood- 3RD PLACE!!! (Poetry Category) - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention- Prose Category - The Skinny Man
Honorable Mention- Poetry Category - [writing deleted]


This contest is all about Gore. I want to see any and everything you've got that has gruesome imagery! Now! this is not who can write the scariest peice this is who can write the most bloody, gruesome, blood curdling, shocking, nauseating peice!!!!both prose and poetry is welcome. and the limit is three peices per person.

if you have a prose series... please post only one part of your series...
the same goes for poetry... your three peices should be much different in context, characters and outcome. Poetry and Prose will be given separate awards. thank you.


uhm... satisfaction:D


Abi Smith
Abi Smith


Created Jun 21, 2007