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Got A Poem? 2  September 1, 2011 - September 11, 2011

Contest Completed


The Best - Farmer's Daughter
Most Dramatic - Lonliness
Most Touching - Little Bird
Honorable Mention - Courage
Honorable Mention - The importance between each chime...


This is the second one of my 'Got A Poem?' contests! I hope you all join! It would mean so much to me! Any poetry is allowed (but no erotic poems and things like that) but only one, so chose carefully! Have fun (though I don't see how you woud)! Oh, and if you submitted in the first 'Got A Poem?' contest, I want to that you so very much, and I hope you join this one (just not with the same piece of work). Thanks again, and goodbye!


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35 Contestants
35 Submissions
Created Sep 1, 2011