Gothic Literature award (Sex)   September 21, 2009 - October 31, 2009

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Sexist! - Blood Lust
Hotest! - [writing deleted]


Gothic �Literature award (Sex)

Write about Gothic/Dark poetry about Neopagan's, Lycanthropes�, and any other dark figures you have dreamed of spending a pure night of sexual affairs with. I want Adult sensations. Tell me what you would do, sexual, with one of these Enchanted lovers. having kinky sex in graveyards, large bedrooms, mid sized towns that fobbed your sexual acts. Would there be candles? Large rounded stair cases, leading into the main hall. Loving mistresses to have their way with you. Seduction of Count Dracula him self. Or maybe cute lesbian witches, wanting to show off their magic on to you. Or perhaps what if you woke up in a large Gothic Victorian bed, wrapped around exceeding covers, shaking and unaware of where you are. Then you hear a deep laugh and your body is forced to the bed as if massive chains had been yanked around you. What happens next... Only poems may be submitted. Each submission, must contain no less then 800 words or equal to one page.
Be creative, dark, and let your mind fill with the chauvinist, darkest, love making anyone could ever endure. By these men and women of the night. Let me feel what is happening every step of the way. How does it feel? Is it heavenly, or perhaps devilish scams.




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Created Sep 19, 2009

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