Gotta Have It!  July 18, 2007 - August 27, 2007

Contest Completed


You could sell vocabulary to Paris Hilton! (somebody should...) 1st prize - [writing deleted]
You could sell ice to Eskimos! (oh wait... global warming...) 2nd prize - [writing deleted]
You could sell the Iraqi War to America (oops, been there, done that) 3rd prize - [writing deleted]
Try writing late night infomercials. (runner up) - [writing deleted]
Hawk your wares at a yard sale. (runner up) - [writing deleted]
Maybe Avon's more your speed! (runner up) - [writing deleted]


All you copywriters out there: write a short commercial/ad/jingle/slogan for an imaginary product. I want to see as much imagination in the creation of the product being sold as in the selling of it! For example, years ago, for an acting class, I wrote a script that started out "Is THIS what you do with your money? Throw it away? That's what you do every time you throw out that wad of old chewing gum." and went on to extol the virtues of GLUEGUM, the gum that after you were done chewing it, you could use to fix just about anything!
Convince us that we cannot do without your product!


$5.00, 1st place winner will be paid $5 US via paypal. Paris Hilton will thank you. Also icons for your profile (+ maybe catching the attention of some ad agency!)



Created Jul 19, 2007