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Great Books  April 15, 2011 - May 16, 2011

Contest Completed


Best - Before I'm Gone (Finished)
Good - [writing deleted]
Okay - [writing deleted]
HM 1 - Pregnancy Plague (Finished)
HM2 - [writing deleted]
HM3 - [writing deleted]
HM4 - [writing deleted]
HM5 - Happily Never After(Finished)
HM6 - Heart of Steel


I want some fantasy, fiction, and Young Adult books. Anything you've got, but only one condition, IT"S GOOD! I'd rather them to be complete, but enter any and all books possible.


Some Random Person.
Some Random Person.
Ravenclaw House, The Library, Messaline, Midnight, colonizing the New Earth, TX


19 Contestants
36 Submissions
Created Apr 17, 2011