Greetings From The War Zone  January 10, 2010 - January 24, 2010

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Medal of Honor - Ashes Form a Man
Bronze Star - When You Are In War
Medal of Commendation - Poem: Washed by Rain
Medal of Commendation - Another Christmas Morn (A Soldier's Toast)
Medal of Commendation - [writing deleted]


I want some honest sould-searching poetry written from the perspective that you yourself are overseas fighting in the war right now. Make it real and raw and don't hold back. Pro-war, anti-war, just trying to survive the everyday madness - all views are welcome. Try not to stray into the politics so much as just what the reality is that you would be facing - the fear, anger, frustration, death, saving lives etc. What would it mean to you? How would it change your life?


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Cool Handless Luke
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