Grimm's Fairy Tales  February 28, 2011 - October 30, 2011

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Depressingly beautiful, lonely number 1. - The Poets Tree
I made the judge fear me! - Goldilock and the Three Bears
Scary Rival - The Gingerbread Boy


Alright, this is my first contest and I want it to be interesting and related to what I like and the group. Now, a lot of people know what Grimm's Fairy Tales are. For those who don't know, basically Disney PG'ed the original much more sickening and violent stories like Hansel and Grethel ('the godless witch was miserably burnt to death'), Beauty and The Beast, Snow White, Cinderella I believe as well, and many more childhood stories we grew up on.

(Here is a page that explains the stories of Grimm if you do not know any: )

I challenge every writer who reads this to create some sort of work related to a childhood story they read or were told and to turn into their own work of Grimm. You may even amp up a Grimm Fairy Tale if you wish.

I only require a short description of the story you were told at the beginning of your work if it isn't anything familiar. Please make books short if they are entered. If they are long, no matter, I don't mind reading it.

By the way, if you like this contest and the ideas presented you can join my group Toxic Ink. for more. ^_^

~Misery Crypt R.


$0.00, An evil cookie drawing and lots of love and hugs for making me smile, but a sissy slap for scaring me as well o^.^o The evil cookie picture will be posted in my photos.


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