Guest Writer II - Wind  April 23, 2008 - May 23, 2008

Contest Completed


1st Place - Guest Writer II - Element Of Air
2nd Place - Guest Writer II - Lessons of the Wind
3rd Place - Guest Writer II - Within the Wind
4th Place - Guest Writer II - Bluster
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer II - gone with the wind
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer II - Travel with the wind


The Rules:
-the poem must be about wind
-1-150 words
-keep it PG
-better chance of winning with free verse, but all forms welcome
- no 'instant message' language, please

Winner becomes a Guest Writer on my website, which has posted the work of six writers since I first started. Writer keeps all the rights to his or her work. Please visit so you are sure that you want to submit...


Guest Writer


Not Afraid of Bruises
Not Afraid of Bruises
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