Guiding your Comedic Poem  May 25, 2007 - June 3, 2007

Contest Completed


Winner! - [writing deleted]


In this, I choose 10 phrases, and your story must have must have 7 of these phrases, or poem must have three. This is supposed to be comedy (look at the lines!) so winner is decided by whoever makes me laugh the most. You are only aloud to add words before or after the quotes and no adding or changing words in the quote. Whatever you submit must have the phrases shone in quotes so I can find them and count before hand. Have fun!

"After my sex change"
"The toilet bomb"
"Eating the mold"
"Sucking up the spoiled milk"
"Found naked in my room"
"Hungry for some sqeeze cheese"
"I am a banana"
"Poured honey on myself"
"My first sexual encounter with a hermaphidite"
"A typical thirty year old, watching seasme street"


Everyone knowing you can write anything with a guide



Created May 25, 2007