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An exotic holiday to wherever you wish with that special person! - This is not a paper heart
A holiday to Paris for two! - [writing deleted]
Dinner at a 5 star hotel for two! - Two to One
A date with your favourite Celeb. - O' Darling Valentine, You Are Forever Mine!
A room full of roses from your loved one! - [writing deleted]
A large box of chocolates to share with your sweetheart! - [writing deleted]


VALENTINE'S DAY CONTEST! photo imagesCAO10GDH_zps8a8ac658.jpg

AS YOU ALL MOST likely know, Valentine's Day will be all happening on February 14th.

I would love you to write a ROMANTIC POEM to celebrate this day. Now's the chance for you to put your 'hearts' on your sleeves' and come up with some brilliant, mushy love ones!

The poem can be in any form you like, but please no stories this time.

You have until Feb.14th

Not much time I know, but I'm very confident you wonderful poets can come up with some very impressive poems indeed.

Happy writing o' poets of romance!

 photo imagesCAEUSPJI_zps107fa9cb.jpg

Please note:

Come on guys, let's keep the poems in in the 'romantic spirit' of the contest.

X rated poems will not get reviewed, no matter how well written. This is NOT the place for them.



1st ~Winner of the holiday! 2nd ~Paree here you come! 3rd ~ Yum enjoy your dinner! 4th ~ Who are you going to choose? 5th ~ Lucky you, all those beautiful roses! 6th Enjoy the choccies!


Helen Margaret Crutchett
Helen Margaret Crutchett
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