HXC Magazine: Non-fiction Poetry Contest (Teens And Young Adults)  August 20, 2013 - September 4, 2013

Contest Completed


Published on HXC - The Stress of Both Worlds
Published on HXC - Cruel Vilification
Published on HXC - pain
Published on HXC - [writing deleted]
Published on HXC - Here on my own


Please send in your personal poems of times you struggled with issues such as broken hearts, deaths in the family, rape or abuse, drug addiction, peer pressure, bullying, etc.

Winners will be published on www.hxcmagazine.com. HXC Magazine is an online rock music magazine where we believe just as every artist has a song to share, every reader has a story to tell.

Winners retain all rights to their poems, only giving HXC the right to publish. We don't believe in censorship, so for the most part, you are free to write with swear words, but only if the poem makes sense with it. And please keep rape poems emotional, but not overly explicit.


Published in HXC Magazine September 15th


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