HXC Magazine Contest: Short Stories & Poetry: Issues  November 5, 2013 - November 21, 2013

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HXC Magazine is an online rock music publication which features interviews with bands, album reviews, and music video reviews. At HXC, we believe that just as every artist has a song to share, every reader has a story to tell. Many of the issues we hear our favorite bands sings about, we can relate to. The difference is, not everyone can become a huge recording artist. HXC Magazine gives writers the chance to have a platform on our website to share with people your personal triumphs, trials, and tribulations. Have you dealt with depression, self-injury, or an eating disorder? Share it with us. Are you in high school dealing with bullying, parental issues, self-image? Share it with us. Many of the bands we interview have saved lives with their words. You can too.

Please submit short stories or poetry on emotional pieces, or something that would evoke an emotion from a reader. Make us laugh, cry, and relate.

This will be for our December 1st issue, which features recording artists In This Moment (Century Media Records) & A Skylit Drive (Tragic Hero Records). By submitting to the contest, you certify that you have given HXC Magazine permission to possibly display your writing on the website. You retain full copyright of your piece, only giving us permission to display it.

The website is being redone to give a more professional look, but currently you can review some other work at www.hxcmagazine.com


Published in HXC Magazine December 1st


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