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Hello fellow Writerscafe writers! My name is Juli and I am looking for content for those who would like to submit their poetry, personal stories, and written music videos. I will pick 12 pieces of writing to be displayed on my new rock music magazine HXC Magazine.

HXC Magazine is an online rock music magazine that is set to launch this summer. We cover bands signed to Epitaph, Victory Records, Fearless, Standby, and many others. We interview signed and unsigned bands as well as do album reviews and music video reviews. We will also be the first online rock music magazine to allow our readers to submit their own writing to us. We are a magazine geared towards teens and young adults.


1. Writings about emotions, or issues such as breakups, parents, abuse, pretty much anything that will evoke an emotional reaction out of a reader.

2. Writings may have swear words in it, but only as if to prove a point, not filler text

3. Writings will be subjected to editing for grammar purposes. Also, for those writing stories, please write in first person.

4. Note, that if chosen, your writing will be displayed on www.hxcmagazine.com AND you will receive full credit for your writing. If you are underage, your writing will appear with your first name and last initial. HXC Magazine will only use your writing as display and will not own ANY of it.

Types of Writing Accepted

Poetry- Long or short. You may submit 9 poems

Personal Stories: Tell us about something you struggled though and how you got through it whether it be music, friends, etc. Some sample topics (self-injury, drugs, promiscuity, abuse, rape, foster care, etc.)

Written Music Videos: If you've ever heard a song that you think should have a music video, but the band never came out with one. Write your own short fictional story to go along with that song. Please keep the story to a rock music artist

Any questions, just PM me! Thank you! I look forward to reading your submissions!


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