Dark Streets. Dark Streets.
Oscar trudges home, late. Taking a short cut plunges him into darkness and peril.
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Ha ha!  April 18, 2008 - April 30, 2008

Contest Completed


Gut buster!!! - 39.Fail to click
Nearly gut busting. - [writing deleted]
Hilarious. - The Bottom Line
Nearly hilarious. - A Date With Krystle
Really, really, really funny. - Too late for a date
Really, really funny. - Spitzer And McGreevy
Really funny. - Grr Grr Grr! Grumble Grumble Grumble!
Funny. - Wäre ich ... / Would I be ... / Si je serais ...
Funny. - Little Tater Tucket
Funny. - [writing deleted]
Funny. - The Concerns I Have About Dave Delaney
Funny. - [writing deleted]
Funny. - The Socratic Method
Funny. - Chuckle, snicker, guffaw, snort


a comedy contest. no books,chapters,long stories,screenplays or stage plays.


$00000000000000, Awards!


Adventerous Amy
Adventerous Amy
United Kingdom


14 Contestants
14 Submissions
Created Apr 18, 2008