Haiku String Along  January 2, 2009 - February 5, 2009

Contest Completed


First Place - GENESIS
Second Place - Season\'s Breath
Third Place - Taste of Honey
Fourth Place - WritersCafe
Fifth Place - [writing deleted]
First Honorable Mention - HAIKU- A night at the circus.
Second Honorable Mention - HAIKU - THE FINGERS
Third Honorable Mention - Time - haiku poetry


My first book of Haikus was just published in December. I had several strings of Haikus in that book. What I want to see is a string of Haikus. One catch. They have to relate to each other. Now all you Haiku writers out there get your fingers ready to count.


$0000000 Sorry, My New Book to the First Place Winner


Nancy Lee Shrader
Nancy Lee Shrader
Beckley, WV


12 Contestants
12 Submissions
Created Jan 2, 2009

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