Haikus Everywhere  July 20, 2012 - July 23, 2012

Contest Completed


First - Line
Second - River of Tears
Third - Condolence for a friend
Fourth - [writing deleted]
Fifth - [writing deleted]
Sixth - Pansy Secret
Seventh - [writing deleted]
Eighth - Truth
Ninth - Absent Compassion
Tenth - [writing deleted]


I've gleamed a fascination with haikus, and so I would really like to read some more. So simply, enter any haikus you have. They can be about anything, absolutely anything, as long as it's a haiku.
If you'd like a review then please mail me with the titles you entered, otherwise you'll only get a review if you get really lucky.
It will also be open to voting at the end.
So, happy haikuing.



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Created Jul 21, 2012