Happy Halloween Writer  September 18, 2008 - November 1, 2008

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Halloween - Halloween Candy
Superb Gold, Second Place! - Slaughter by Angels
Stunning Silver, Third Place! - ^A Halloween Tale^


This is my very first contest on Writer's Cafe. I am hoping this will turn out nicely and that I will get some creative entries. I want them to be inspiring and I want the writer's to have a ton of fun writing them.

I have some experience with writing poetry, fiction, and screenplays. I would like to read and evaluate others' talent. Perhaps I could learn something from what you have to offer.

Here is a good website with info if you have never written a screenplay, and if you want to get some nifty tips on writing one. http://www.screenwriting.info/

The number one rule of this contest is to enjoy writing, and to show off your ability to write a good screenplay.

I will also mention that I am going to be pursuing a career in film and screenwriting is an ability that I need to improve. I will enjoy simply reading through your work and congratulating you on your efforts.

This is my first contest and I want it to be a good start. I've already felt a great sense of belonging at Writer's Cafe from the wonderful members and I really enjoy reading all of your poetry. I've found a quality here unlike most online websites.

So please give an effort by entering this contest. I think that the most fun way to judge this contest would be through member votes. I want people to have fun, so vote for the best and vote fairly giving everyone a chance.

First Place will be given for the most talented writing and for an enjoyable read.

All Genres Accepted! I am looking for talented screenplays, poems, fiction, and even stage plays.

Deadline is Halloween!!! Happy writing.


First Place


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