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Heartbroken Poetry  August 10, 2012 - September 2, 2012

Contest Completed


1st - Yearning.
2nd - This Magpie Love
3rd - [writing deleted]
4th - The Lighthouse Keeper
5th - Nature's Wicked Joke
6th - Lost, Left or Dead?
7th - Oh,Shall I Weep
8th - As Soulless as My Heart
9th - When We Were
10th - [writing deleted]


I want to feel your pain in heartbreak; sense the nostalgia behind your words; see how much you long for an ex-lover, deceased family member, departed pet, and so on. In short terms: allow me to sense your pain.

Note: I dislike teenage ranting, so if you even bother to enter such content: into the denied bin you go.


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Tai Ryens
Tai Ryens
Bay Area, CA


102 Contestants
323 Submissions
Created Aug 11, 2012